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Mero Rug operates under the legal requirements of the Government of Nepal and is fully aware of the international trade and partnership agreement of various regions. Therefore, the terms and conditions are formulated taking these facts into consideration. The terms and conditions will apply to any contract between Mero Rug and our customers. All terms and conditions should be read carefully before purchasing any of our products online. Ordering any of our offered products online will make you agree to the bounds and hence abide by the terms and conditions. The terms might be amended any time, but shall be updated in the website. The terms and conditions were last updated on May 9th, 2017.


Information about us

Mero Rug is a rug manufacturer and distributor in Nepal, which was established in 2012 under the PAN number 600824341. Our exclusive showroom is located in Babuchiri Marg, Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

 www.merorug.com is an online-based, user friendly site where we offer Hand-made Nepalese carpets/rugs to our customer. Please Contact Us for further detail.


Legality to Transact

In order for our customers to buy carpets from Mero Rug, you must be over the age of eighteen (18) and be mentally stable to make your own decisions. Minors i.e. under the age of 18 and customers with mental disorders can only purchase our rugs and carpets under the strict supervision of an adult or guardians who are responsible for their actions. Mero Rug reserves right to seek compensation from parents or the guardian of minors or mentally unstable person if suffer any loses or damages due to transactions or registrations carried out by them.


Confidentiality of Personal Information

Mero Rug stores all your personal information while registering as a customer. Registration process insures that you agree upon storing your personal information with us which is necessary for the fulfillment of your order. Personal information can only be removed through a series of procedure. Contact Us for details.

Mero Rug handles customer personal information with the highest level of sensitivity and confidentiality. Customer personal information will not be provided to any third party without their explicit consent. We view protection of users privacy as a very important community principle. We understand clearly that you and your information is one of our most important assets.



The digital images of products display on our website (www.merorug.com) are for illustrative purpose only. Mero Rug has made every possible effort to display the most accurate pictures and the colour of our carpets. However due to differences in computer screen and resolutions, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen. Please be advised that in some cases patterns and colors may vary according to size.

We highly recommend our customers to get the most possible detail information about our products from the Customer Care Service before purchasing.

Our products are handmade and certified by Good Weave, some imperfections in size, weight and dimensions are the quality of handmade carpets. (Read more about Mero Rug)



The agreement of purchase from Mero Rug is only possible once the payment has been transferred. Payment can be transferred through PayPal,

wire transfer, debit and/or credit cards.



All prices are inclusive of shipping and are subjected for the customer to pay the VAT from their respective customs office upon the delivery of the product.

Mero Rug has every right to change the prices of products depending upon the exchange rate and changes in the market price. Price changes will not affect any rugs or carpets that have already been order, purchased or is in the process of shipment from Mero Rug.



All our products are delivered domestically and internationally. Deliveries are handled through FedEx/ UPS/ DHL. All carpets delivered shipping rates may vary depending upon the destination of the customer. Customers must pay extra rates for all express shipping charges.

The delivery is done from 10 -12 business days for standard shipping and 2-3 business days for express shipping from the day of departure from Mero Rug.



Mero Rug deliver their carpets anywhere in the world exclusive of the VAT rate of the respective region. It is the responsibility of customer to pay the respective customs charge from their customs office upon the delivery of the carpets.



Customers who are unsatisfied with their rugs and carpets can return their product within 14 days to get their refund. This facility is only provided for customers who have purchased rugs and carpets online through www.merorug.com. Refund policy is not applicable for those customers who have visited our showroom located in Babuchiri Marg, Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Delivery Error

Mero Rug assures that every carpet and rug delivers the right destination. However if customer receives a wrong delivery, than immediately inform Mero Rug office or send us an email at info@merorug.com. We will respond within 24 hours.


Transportation & Shipping Damages

Customers must report immediately to the respective shipping company in case any damage on carpets is found. If any hidden damages are observed, customers must be reported at the Customer Care Service and the transportation company immediately.

Please read our Return Policy page for further information.


Our Rights to vary these Terms

Mero Rug has all rights to amend these terms and conditions with time. Every time an order is placed the terms and condition will be applied to the terms of sales.


Liabilities towards our customer

If Mero Rug fails to comply these Terms and Conditions, we are responsible for loss or damages that you will suffer in the foreseeable future and result in the breach of the Terms and Conditions. We only support our products for domestic and personal use.  


Limitations of liability:

Mero Rug in every possible way limits our liability for the following conditions:

o   Our products being resold to others by our customers (business or private).

o   Death or any personal injury caused by handling our products.

o   Negligence conducted by the transportation or delivery company while transporting and handling our products.

o   Any profit/loss accrued by reselling or redistributing our products.

o   Loss of business opportunity and business interruption accrued during delivery and handling of our products.

o   Loss or corruption of data, personal data hacking, loss of goodwill while using our products or services.


Events beyond control

Mero Rug will not be responsible for failure of performance due to events occurred which are beyond the control of the company. An event that are beyond the control can be fire, natural disaster, act of war, terrorist attack, failure of telecommunication channels, accidents of the transportation vehicles, theft, lockouts, industrial actions, riots and imposed barriers.


All our agreements and obligation under a contract will be suspended during such events that are beyond the control of company. Delivery of your products will immediately resume and new dates will be provided after these events will be over. The time of performance will be extended during these events are beyond our control.

We will notify our customers immediately if such events are to occur.

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