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We are a company engaged in the creative field by prioritizing the quality of work, since the 80's. The results that we have made have been disseminated throughout the globe.

Mero Rug is a subsidiary of Paramount Carpet Udhyog, one of Nepal's oldest rug manufacturing company.

We are Good Weave Certified.

We specialize in Nepali weaving starting from 60 Knot to 300 Knot, Persian weaving from 4/4 to 15/15, Shaggy's, Dhurries, and Hand Tufted.

Mero Rug is a combination of two words in Nepalese where mero is ‘My’ and rug is associated with ‘Carpets’. When we say ‘mero rug', we want our customers to feel and become a part of our organization, in such a way that it is made personally from 'me' to 'you'.

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